We are just two days away from Thanksgiving, which means we are all two days away from forced festiveness with family members you may or may not like. And if Thanksgiving is a burden or a nightmare or hell on earth for you, then we have something to help make this Thursday a little less awful.

You can just play E!'s Official Thanksgiving Dinner Bingo game! Print out the card below, take it to dinner and just start marking off incidents like:

1. Someone brings a new significant other to meet the family for the first time (big mistake)
2. There's a vegan at the table complaining about "animal murder" as they eye the turkey
3. Someone wants to watch football
4. Someone wants to watch the parade
5. Someone eats and then immediately leaves
6. A board game goes awry (our personal favorite)

Thanksgiving bingo

Amanda Oleander for E! Online

You can even send copies to your friends before they travel home and you can play one big Bingo game across the country. Give out a prize for the winner, like they get all the leftovers that everyone brings back home after the holidays.

Basically, we're just trying to make family time less of a bore and/or chore. And even if you genuinely love your family and spending time with them (it happens), you can still enjoy our Bingo game. Because who on earth doesn't love Bingo?!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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