If you have any doubts as to whether or not Jennifer Aniston is one of the nicest people in Hollywood, here is your proof.

DJ Scott Mills persuaded the Horrible Bosses 2 actress to participate in a prank against BBC Radio 1's Chris Stark, whom she has interviewed with before. Her initial interview with Stark racked up to 3 million views because of its hilariously awkward questions, but this one might pull in more as she pretends to be the worst interviewee ever!

Known for her kind demeanor, Jen felt horrible after the prank ended! She even requested someone get Stark a tissue after he started welling up with tears—yes, he cried.

Here's what happened:

Mills convinced the actress to pretend to become offended when Stark would eventually ask her what it's like as a famous woman to "make the first move" on a man. Aniston, who is engaged to Justin Theroux, took her cue immediately and proceeded to become angry with her interviewer.

Jennifer Aniston, Interview Prank


"First of all, I don't think that's an extremely appropriate question to ask," Jen immediately responds. "I'm also committed to somebody. I don't hit on people."

The entire interview is caught on tape and even shows Mills waiting outside the door laughing and cringing for his co-worker. Jen, who maintains her interviewee persona, continues to explain how uncomfortable Stark's line of questioning is. (He also asked her if she frequents nightclubs on the reg.)

"I'm sorry. It just kind of seems a little inappropriate," she says. "Just in terms of saying, 'How do you hit on people?'"

But it doesn't end there.

Stark digs himself into a deeper hole by asking Jen if her raunchy dentist character ever seeps its way into her personal life, leading him to ask her if she's interested in writing erotic fiction.Yikes!

The cringe-worthy moments soon come to an end when Mills enters the room and explains to his co-worker that it was all just a prank. The shocked journalist starts to tear up and Jen explains how awful she feels for making him cry!

"I'm so sorry," Jen tells Stark.

What a nice prankster!

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