Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow Reunite to Compete in Hilarious Celebrity Curse-Off—Watch Now!

"If you're faint of heart, I'd like to ask you to cover your ears," Jimmy Kimmel warns

By Zach Johnson Nov 25, 2014 12:25 PMTags

Foul-mouthed Friends!

Jennifer Aniston appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday, and at one point, the actress was joined by her former co-star and real-life BFF Lisa Kudrow. Sadly, they weren't staging another Friends reunion. Instead, they competed in a celebrity curse-off, judged by—who else?—host Jimmy Kimmel.

"If you're faint of heart, I'd like to ask you to cover your ears," Kimmel warned viewers.

The rules were simple. Each contestant had up to five seconds to come up with a curse word without repeating one. Variations were allowed, and after each word, they were asked to hit the reset button. The Horrible Bosses 2 actress called the naughty game "very exciting," joking, "This is like Family Feud."

Kudrow lost the coin toss, meaning Aniston got to kick things off with the word "dick licker."

"You're off to a very strong start," Kimmel said with a laugh.

The friends managed to one-up each other round after round, shouting words and phrases like "c--k sucker," "holy f--k balls," "f--king s--t," "schmuck," "a--wipe," "f--king cock" and "undercarriage eater."

Aniston got creative at one point by using a Greek curse word. Kudrow, meanwhile, apologized after uttering the phrase "stupid bitch." The Comeback star admitted to Aniston, "It's disgusting, I know." Kudrow showed signs of struggle, so Aniston encouraged her multilingual friend to "go French on us." And it worked!

To see which woman won the curse-off, watch the video now!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 on ABC.