If there's one person who can help Tori Spelling's emotional hurdles, maybe it's the one and only Dr. Oz.

The mother-of-four paid a visit to the Dr. Oz Show Monday where she openly discussed the stress she continues to undergo under the public eye.

For once and for all, Spelling is making it clear that she's ready to change how she deals with difficult situations.

"Anytime I would have emotional stress—for years, my whole life—I would just repress and keep going and going and nobody knew really," she shared. "It would just start coming down. I would be sick all the time, sinus, migraines, everything."

She added, "I don't want to keep going on like that. I'm at that place where I don't like the way my kids see me. I don't like them seeing me as sick." 

So where is all this stress coming from?

Whether it's being a "supermom" to four kids, running multiple businesses or prolonging her acting career, the 41-year-old has her hands full. A rocky marriage to Dean McDermott doesn't make things easier, either.

"I have clinical depression and I want people to know that there's help out there," McDermott shared when asked why he's still on the show. "You're not alone and that's what I've learned through this whole process is I'm not alone with the alcoholism and the drugs and the depression. You can get help."

Through it all, Spelling admits that the twosome is making progress slowly but surely. 

"We're working on it. It will take time," Spelling shared when asked about her relationship status today. "I've asked him to listen to me, take care of me, take care of the kids, step up in our family and he really has. He's really working on himself and us."

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A perfect example was when Spelling was recently hospitalized for more than a week after contacting pneumonia. During a recent interview on Today, the Lifetime reality star revealed that Dean "was by my side daily…He really stepped up."

Spelling knows more than most that it takes more than just one person to make a marriage last. As a result, she's willing to put in the work as well.

"The trust and the belief in myself and the self-confidence was never there," she explained to Dr. Oz. "So that's something I needed to go back and fix before I could even fix our marriage."

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