"What's a Harry Stylist?" Never again, Mom. Never again.

In 1988 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince released a song called "Parents Just Don't Understand." Now Will Smith's the parent, and he probably doesn't understand anything Willow or Jaden say. Though, to be honest, no one does.

To avoid awkward holiday conversations where you explain why Benedict Cumberbatch is attractive to your grandpa, we've created a handy dandy terminology guide for your loved ones. So you can focus on carving the turkey, instead of demonstrating a decent twerk.

Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine

Paper Magazine/Jean-Paul Goude

1. Paper magazine: A magazine that's been around for 30 years that people suddenly started talking about because of that Kim Kardashian booty.

2. Cumberbitch: Ladies who can't get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch and are now crying all the tears because he's getting hitched.

3. Iggy Azalea: An Australian rapper who seems to be on every song released in 2014. Her voice kinda sounds like she swallowed a kazoo, but her beats are so catchy tho!

4. Shmoney Dance: Bobby Shmurda's new dance move, subsequently destroyed by tweens on Vine.

5. The Nae Nae: The latest dance craze that Miley Cyrus is trying to latch onto. She has to recreate that twerk magic!

6. Groot: A anthropomorphic tree dude. Also, see "Vin Diesel made how much money to basically say three words in a blockbuster movie?!"

Nicki Minaj Anaconda GIF


7. Anaconda: Nicki Minaj is responsible for the most bootylicious music video of 2014. Great excuse to get your relatives to start using the phrase "dat ass tho."

8. Ello: A new social media website that people cared about for an afternoon.

9. Swipe left/right: When you select and/or reject a potential soulmate via a dating app, like Tinder, using a simple swipe of the finger. Tell your parents this is why you're coming home alone this Thanksgiving.

10. Solange: Beyoncé's little sister was a one-woman reality show (minus the reality show) this year after allegedly beating up her brother-in-law in an elevator and tying the knot.

11. Directioners: Little kids who have too much Internet access.

Zac Efron GIFs

12. Bae: Stands for "before anyone else." For us, probably Zac Efron.

13. Vaping: Oxford's Word of the Year. It's what happens when you smoke an electronic cigarette. Healthier than normal cigs? Sure. Still irritating in bars? Absolutely.

14. Kimye: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as a business entity and, err, couple.

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