Odell Beckham Jr.'s Incredible One-Handed Catch Might Be the Best in NFL History—Watch!

It was his second touchdown of the game

By Francesca Bacardi Nov 24, 2014 4:43 PMTags

There are amazing catches in football, and then there is this catch.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. might have made history Sunday night with his incredible one-handed touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. Definitely a candidate for one of the best catches of the year, some are arguing that it might have been one of the best catches in the history of the NFL.

After he scores the touchdown, Beckham throws up his hands while his teammates run toward him and pick him up out of unbelievable excitement. The 43-yard catch made it Beckham's second touchdown of the game, allowing the Giants to lead the Cowboys 14-3 early in the second quarter.

But his teammates weren't the only ones singing his praises. Several major athletes expressed their shock and disbelief on Twitter, including his fellow Giant Victor Cruz who is out for the season with an injury.

"That's the greatest catch I've ever seen," Cruz tweeted.

Al Bello/Getty Image

NBA star LeBron James also expressed his amazement over the catch, commenting on Twitter, "Man I just witnessed the greatest catch ever possibly by Odell Beckham Jr! WOW!!!!"

Despite being a member of the competition, Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman had to give kudos to Beckham by tweeting, "My Goodness.... That young man is bad!!!!" Even former Cowboys player Michael Irvin had to give credit where credit was due.

"INCREDIBLE!!! to that Grab by @OBJ_3 simply one of the greatest grabs in a game I have ever seen. WOW."

The buzz didn't stop on the Internet. Beckham's grab was considered such a high priority on the must-see list, that Madison Square Garden replayed his unbelievable catch on their Gardenvision Jumbotron during the New York Rangers game against the Montreal Canadiens.

It was a good night for New York fans because the Rangers beat the Canadiens 5-0. With Beckham's catch replayed throughout the arena, viewers had more than enough reasons to leave the Garden thrilled.