Who needs Luden's lozenges when you can enjoy Pine Brothers cough drops with a side of Waka Flocka Flame?

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star debuted his commercial for the medicated drops during Sunday's AMAs, and it is everything you could ever ask for from a rapper. Filled with marijuana innuendos, the commercial features the rapper sitting next to a billowing tower of smoke as he rattles off the benefits of the brand.

"What does a Waka Flocka Flame do for minor sore throat relief?" the rapper asks as soothing piano music plays in the background. "This here. Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops. Can't live without my Pine Brothers straight up."

The rapper continues to talk about how soothing the cough drops are, with their "plant glycerin, imported gum acacia and natural flavors."

The controversial ad continues its drug references throughout the rest of the video while Waka Flocka plugs the cough drops one last time.

Waka Flocka


"So the next time you need sore throat relief for whatever reason," the rapper says while looking down at his smoke and cringing, "take your Pine Brothers."

The "No Hands" rapper also took to his Instagram to promote the cough drops, posting a picture of himself holding several varieties and captioning it, "What's life without @pinebros1870." The commercial spot aired right after One Direction won the award for Favorite Album, Pop/Rock.

It's OK if you missed the commercial because you can watch it right here, but unless you were in the audience, there were a couple of things you missed out on because they weren't aired on TV!

Before the awards officially began, one of the producers hit the stage to urge the crowd to get really rowdy for the first performer—Taylor Swift. "When Taylor is on stage, stay up, stay enthusiastic, stay happy." He also requested for the duration of the evening that everybody give "standing ovations. I want a party."

It looks like getting excited was the name of the game at the AMAs, as a producer also told the audience to "welcome Diana [Ross] like the legend that she is." Ross presented the Dick Clark Award for Excellence to Swift. Yes, last night was the first time the "Blank Space" singer met the Motown legend.

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