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Cameron Diaz showcased a slew of sexy looks, demonstrated her rapping skills and poked fun at her upcoming movie, a remake of Annie, as she hosted Saturday Night Live.

This marked the second such stint for the 42-year-old actress and took place five days before the Thanksgiving holiday. She hosted SNL for the first time in 2005.

Saturday's episode featured performances from Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, who debuted their new track "Uptown Funk" and also performed "Feel Right," during which they were joined by rapper Mystikal.

The episode also featured a brief tribute to Oscar-winning The Graduate and Closer director Mike Nichols, husband of news veteran Diane Sawyer. He died on Wednesday at age 83.

Check out five highlights from Saturday's show below.

1. "New Annie"

The Annie remake, which hits theaters on Dec. 19, stars Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis as the main character and Jamie Foxx as wealthy New York politician Will Stacks, who takes her in. Diaz plays Annie's mean foster mom Miss Hannigan. In SNL's parody of the reboot, Diaz portrays a super sexy version of her character, wearing a tiger-print top that shows part of her black demi bra, displaying plenty of cleavage.

"Quick! How do my boobs looks?" she asks the girls in the foster home.

She flirts with Stacks, played by Jay Pharoah. ...and so does Annie. Who's 43. And a former WNBA player. And a veteran. And a single mom. The character is played by Leslie Jones.

"Only thing is, I need my money up front and I don't work weekdays and I got three kids that you're probably gonna need to adopt, too" she says.

2. "Back Home Ballers"

As we know, Thanksgiving is all about great food, family hijinks and pampering! In a pre-taped musical sketch, dressed in flashy outfits with lots of bling, Diaz and the female stars of SNL rap about all the great things about coming home for the holidays.

"We always see a movie but it can't be R so we settle for Penguins of Madagascar," she raps. "And as a nice gesture, I bought all the tickets, PSYCHE! Not a chance—my dad friggin' did it!"

Jones points out a particularly amazing truth about being back home.

"That bitch puts out so many bowls of things for me, it's insane," she raps about her mom.

3. Schoolhouse Rock! parody

Diaz did not take part in this sketch, which opened the show and spoofed the popular '70s, '80s and '90s Saturday morning educational, musical cartoons to poke fun at President Barack Obama's upcoming challenge of trying to pass new legislation following the results of the recent midterm elections, which saw the Republicans win control of both chambers of Congress. The U.S. leader and head of the Democratic Party this week took executive action on immigration reform.

Sample lyrics: "I am just a bill, sitting on Capitol Hill" and "I'm an executive order and I pretty much just happen."

4. Man Baby

Diaz portrays the wife of a man, played by Beck Bennett, who looks and talks like an adult but acts like a (well-behaved) baby, complete with "airplane" feedings, raspberry-blowing and terrible (and positively-reinforced) high-five attempts. Which makes dinner parties with other adults hilarious.

5. Phone Sex Hotline Parody

In this pre-taped segment, Diaz and several of the female performers wear sexy lingerie, put on their best sultry voices and proceed to have seductive conversations with callers about...really bizarre topics.

Cameron Diaz on SNL
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