I'm sure you think traffic in your city sucks but let me tell you a little something about LA traffic. It starts viciously sucking your soul out through your anus and "sex parts" as soon as you sit down in your car and it doesn't stop until you are home or dead. It's no coincidence that a couple times a year someone in a car will shoot someone else in a car presumably because A) both parties are in cars and B) LA freeways are enough of a drag to cause murder thoughts.

That's why this video of someone sitting in traffic from Grand Theft Auto V resonated with us so much. It's not unusual to be driving home at night from The Soup's bleak windowless offices and encounter this exact scenario.

One thing to keep in mind, the guy in this clip has done NOTHING to make what you're about to see happen.

Is it weird that I'd be into the game if it was nothing but sh*t hitting the fan like that? Yeah. It is.

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