What's better than a date with One Direction? Five individual dates with Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan!

That is exactly what you get in the boys' music video for "Night Changes," their second single from their new album Four. The oh-so-adorable clip is filmed so that you, the viewer, have the full attention of each guy, because aren't we all sick of seeing some video girl lap up that love?!

It starts with 21-year-old Zayn (and his hair—his beautiful hair!) sitting down with his lady (you) at a swanky restaurant. The clip then transitions to Liam, also 21, who is visibly layered in preppy clothing, snapping selfies and whatnot at a brightly lit outdoor carnival.

Harry Styles, One Direction


The first real swoon-worthy moment happens around 40-seconds in, when Harry offers you a pair of skates at the rink. From there, Taylor Swift's 20-year-old ex-beau helps you with your laces before the two of you, together, gracefully and romantically hit the ice. He looks very European chic in his trench coat, though it would perhaps serve him well to take some styling tips from Zayn in the hair department.

Not to worry, Louis  and Niall take you on dates as well! Louis, 22, is waiting next to a vintage car in a lovely park. He opens the door for you (because, of course) and, thanks to music video magic, takes you for a drive in his surely expensive old-timey convertible. (Charming, but he needs to wear a seatbelt.)

Niall, 21, is a tad less showy in his date. The bleached-blond Irish babe wears a holiday sweater and cuddles invitingly with a dog by the fireplace. Aww, right?!

Well, the dates continue as the early-20s boys croon on about "only getting older, baby," and "just how fast the night changes..." But as the track plays along, these five seemingly perfect date start to fall apart—think fires, falls, fights and more!

Of course, the fellas aren't about to let burns, breaks, or even broken-hearted exes ruin their dates with you! These snafus, they sing, "will never change me and you."

Watch the clip above to see all five dates come together (and fall apart) with all the expertly executed preciousness you'd expect from the 1D gentlemen.

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