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Jennifer Aniston is promoting a movie. Jennifer Aniston will get asked a Friends question. It's just fact at this point. The Horrible Bosses 2 star was on The Graham Norton Show with her costar Jason Bateman and discussed the Friends reunion everybody seems to want that will probably never happen. But Aniston had a different take on when she, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer should get together again.

"At this point, honestly we should just wait…I say we just wait until we're really much older and be Golden Friends," Aniston said when host Graham Norton asked if they get tired of everybody asking for it. "Then you wouldn't have the comparison."

By comparison, she means how the cast used to look more than 10 years ago when the show went off the air.

Friends recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its series premiere. Kudrow, Cox and Aniston reunited for a Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch and have made headlines by just going out to dinner together. Events and social situations are pretty much the only reunion viewers will get for the show.

"Let me tell you something: there's six friends and I've been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years," Cox told David Letterman in April. "It doesn't happen! I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc canceled last time right at the last minute, Schwimmer lives here [in New York City], so it's just not gonna happen."

Aniston's discussion quickly turned to the Rachel haircut, the now infamous hairstyle that was spawned by her Friends character. "That baby had some legs," Aniston said of her one-season hairstyle that swept the nation.

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