If there's one thing Stephen Colbert is serious about, it's America.

Colbert chatted with Jon Stewart during his show where his former boss tried desperately to change his opinion on how America treats the rest of the world—a task that is pretty much impossible. But Stewart gave it his all despite the odds against him.

"Rather than killing everybody else, what if we were to coexist with them in some kind of fashion?" Stewart posed to Colbert while promoting his upcoming movie, Rosewater.

"Coexist, like that bumper sticker people have?" Colbert asked, showing his obvious dislike for the symbolic decal. "Are there better ways of doing things than we do things, or are you a 'Blame America First'?"

Opposing political views aside, Colbert couldn't deny his love for Stewart's directorial and screenwriting debut, which made the jealous host admit he wasn't too happy about liking it.

"It's a beautiful film, and that offends me," Colbert said. "Why is it that you can do your show...and you do it well, and now you're doing something else well?"

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert

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"You have to stay in your gestation crate," he added. "You're not allowed to move out of your crate."

Colbert also went after the Daily Show host's entire career plan: to activate the youth vote. Noting that only 21 percent went out and voted in the last election, he asked Stewart, "How does it feel to know that your entire career could have just as well been shouted into a sock and thrown off an overpass?"

"You have wasted your life!" Colbert declared.

Although the two former coworkers jokingly bickered throughout the interview, the segment ended with the men hugging it out and plugging the movie one last time.

Rosewater is based on a 2011 memoir Then They Came for Me: A Family's Story of Love, Captivity and Survival of Iranian-born journalist Maziar Bahari, who lives in London. Mexican actor Gael García Bernal plays Behari, who traveled to Iran to cover the 2009 presidential elections.

A contributor to Newsweek magazine, Bahari is arrested partially for participating in a segment on Stewart's show. So far, critics have praised Stewart's first-time effort.

Colbert, who also reluctantly praised the movie, ended his interview by expressing his gratitude at his former boss for appearing as a guest on one of his final episodes, as The Colbert Report will come to an end on Dec. 18.

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