Demi Lovato

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Hands off, Demi Lovato!

Comedian Jack Whitehall revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show (airing Saturday) that he almost caused a royal ruckus when he told Demi to "have a little feel" of Kate Middleton's baby bump during the lineup at the Royal Variety Performance!

The 26-year-old English comic recalled the story, saying that the "Really Don't Care" singer didn't understand his sense of humor when he originally suggested his plan, which wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

"She was very nice, very sweet, but American and didn't necessarily buy into my sense of humor," Jack told the host. "Everyone is very nervous when the royal family is coming around and she asked me what the protocol was with the royal bump, 'Can we talk about the baby and stuff?,' and as a joke I said 'The Duchess of Cambridge I think would be offended if you didn't have a little feel' as a joke."

Instead of picking up on his sarcasm—he is a comedian, after all—she almost went in for the touch! Since the Duchess of Cambridge is royalty, any move made by Demi could have been seen as a potential security threat, which definitely would not have ended well for the pop star!

"She takes [my suggestion] completely at face value, and as Kate Middleton is coming along the line, I suddenly realize that we've got a situation here where either I need to step in and tell her that it was a joke and look like an idiot or potentially Demi Lovato from Frozen is about to get taken out by a police marksmen, so I told her," he recalled.

Whew! That was a close call.

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine

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It seems like the funnyman has a knack for causing some trouble with the royals, as he also tried to flirt with the duchess because he said he used to have a crush on her! Jack and Kate attended Marlborough College together.

"I referred to her as 'The one that got away,' and then I flirted a little because I said that she was one of my first crushes at school," he reminisced. "Then in the lineup Prince William came over and he was very funny, he was very nice but very passive aggressive. 'Oh, so you were flirting with my missus?'"

The British must have a killer sense of humor, especially the royal family, because upon news breaking of Kate's second pregnancy, Prince Harry took a little time to joke with the media about how he hoped his brother would "suffer more."

"If it's a girl...I'd love to see him try and cope with that," Harry joked. "But in all seriousness, I hope my sister-in-law gets better soon and the two of them have the opportunity to, I suppose, go through the whole thing, the whole process, again in a little bit of peace and quiet!"

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