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For those who don't know, "cuffing season" is a term used to describe the time of year where people who usually desire to be single feel this overwhelming urge to get tied down (or "cuffed") to someone else because of the cold winter months, the festive holiday celebrations, and whatnot. Something about these coming months make you want a relationship bad.

So are you feeling lonely this holiday season? Do you enjoy your coffee while you're curled up as a little spoon? Are you straight-up desperate for human interaction? Never fear! Cuddle Up To Me in Portland has you covered.

For 60 American dollars, you can have your very own cuddling buddy for some good ol' fashioned human interaction, sans any funny business. You can hold hands, pet one another's hair, and choose from a plethora of cuddling positions. Samantha Hess, the 30-year-old founder of Cuddle Up To Me, says the cuddling sessions are taped to ensure the safety of everyone involved—aka don't try to go any further than cuddling because it will be caught on camera, you pervert.

"I was at a place where I thought paying someone to hug me and not have ulterior motives sounded like a great idea…I decided, why can't this be a thing that we can easily and safely reach for?" Hess, who has been a "proffesional cuddler" since June 2013, told The Independent.

Samantha started her cuddling services by going to the homes of clients, and then she opened up her own studio which has four "themed" rooms and three other "cuddlers" besides herself.

Can we call them "official cuddle distributors" instead of just "cuddlers?" Agreed? Good.

Hess says she now gets as many as 10,000 emails a week. Her shop is open six days a week and while talking is optional, pajamas are seriously encouraged. "Sessions" last about an hour, but you can order one as short as 15 minutes.

"There are no upgrades, no additional services," Hess told ABC News. "I'm not interested in that. It's about making people feel worthy for who they are today. I love knowing that people know that they are accepted, and they aren't going to be alone anymore."

We can't decide if this service is just sad, sad, sad…or a really great idea. Either way, we get it. We all need a little lovin' sometimes.

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