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Word to the wise? Don't discredit the power of the Internet. 

Days after an online petition on Change.orgwhich urged TLC to cancel the Duggar's reality show 19 Kids and Counting, began making headlines, the support for the petition has skyrocketed, and to date, it has received over 100,000 signatures. 

"In less than 24 hours we went from 7,000 signers to 50,000 and counting!" creator Jim Wissick posted as an update on the site this morning (presumably, the pun is intended). 

The petition was created earlier this month in order to "end LGBTQ fear mongering by the Duggars" after the famous family was accused of being anti-gay. 

Duggars, Instagram


"The Duggars have been using their fame to promote discrimination, hate, and fear-mongering against gays and transgendered people," a letter on the website states. "You need to take a stand on the side of justice and cancel their show."

TLC had no comment on the petition, which is hoping to garner 150,000 signatures. 

Last week, the deeply religious family found themselves at the center of controversy after Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar posted a message about marriage on their official Facebook page. 

"God designed marriage to be a loving, dynamic relationship between a husband and wife for a lifetime," the couple captioned a photo of themselves sharing a passionate smooch. "God loves marriage and it is supposed to be full of love, joy, fun and romance. We challenge all married couples to take a happily married picture and post it here."

Duggars, Instagram


But according to some, their message did not include all married couples, as fan John Becker posted a photo of himself kissing his same-sex spouse, which he claims was removed from their page

And that's not the only anti-LGBTQ allegation brought against the Duggars in the petition. 

In a series of updates, Wissick cites reports that the family donated $10,000 to repeal the Fayetteville's new Civil Rights Administration ordinance, which prohibits business owners and landlords from unjustly firing or evicting someone because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or socioeconomic background. He also claims that Michelle Duggar is "warning Fayetteville residents that transgender people are child predators" in an effort to garner support for the appeal. 

Additionally, he alleges Josh Duggar, the oldest of the Duggar children, is a member of the Family Research Center which Wissick calls a "hate-filled, anti-gay organization."

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