Last King of Scotland, The

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3:14 p.m.:  Just ran into Doug Jones, who plays Pan in Pan's Labryinth. Talented guy, also in Hellboy. He asked me, of all things, if I worked with Catt Sadler? He remembered doing an interview with her in Indiana way back when. 

3:12 p.m.:  Just walked down the red carpet, again, this time ran into James McAvoy, who starred in The Last King of Scotland. He told me he desperately hopes he gets the chance to work with Forest Whitaker again.



Three 6 Mafia

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA

3:09 p.m.:  I had to do it. I strolled the red carpet and flicked it up with a few celebs. I'm a dork, I know, but come on. If you had a credential to walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards, wouldn't you?

Saw my buddy and partner in crime Ryan Seacrest. But then, Three 6 Mafia! Oscar winners! I chilled with them on the carpet, big DJ Paul. Did I mention this was the best job in the world? I might have.

1:32 p.m.:  Story of my life—when the Victoria's Secret models are on our set at the Roosevelt, I'm up on the Ripley's roof. Can the movie dude catch a break? 

1:28 p.m.:  Finally! I got something to eat! A grilled cheese and some fruit from the famous Mel's Diner, and now I've got some fuel to keep my Oscar train rolling.

The SWAT teams are now in place all over Hollywood Boulevard. Crazy seeing snipers and bomb sniffing dogs. It just adds to the madness of it all, as if that's necessary.

I've only got a few more on-camera hits to go, and one thing that's been on my mind all day is: Why wasn't Sacha Baron Cohen nominated for Borat? Such a joke. Such a shame.

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