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What's up, everybody? Welcome to the Lyons Den at E! Online. Can you believe the powers that be at E! were crazy enough to give me a blog on their Website? How dope is that? Unreal. They have no idea what they're in for.

So, I'm posted up this week at the W hotel, just lamping before the Oscars (shout-out to baller Earl Watson chilling by the pool). Just watched The Departed for the third time, and now I am at peace with Marty winning it for this film—it really is a classic.

Before we get into more of that, let's get some things straight about why I'm here in the first place:

  • Movies Are the S--t:  I love 'em. You love 'em. More than just big stars and big budgets, filmmaking at any level needs to be honored and admired, discussed and picked apart and sometimes simply taken down.
  • This Is Your Site As Much As It Is Mine:  For real. We'll talk about movies you care about and simply can't wait to see. We'll ignore lots of the Hollywood BS that gets shoved down our throats. You can always email me at, and I'll hit you back. 100.
  • This Is the Best Time of Year to Be a Cinephile:  The Super Bowl of awards shows is this week, and summer blockbusters are around the corner. The big films from Sundance are finding release dates, and after a slow January and February, cool movies are starting to drop (300, Zodiac, Black Snake Moan).
  • Every Day, I'll Have Some Fly Knowledge up Here:  No-holds-barred reviews, rare interviews, tons of videos, top 10 lists, casting news, box office name it.

Let's get it popping with some of the bugged-out assignments I've already rolled on (keep reading) at E! Keep checking back for new content, and be sure to drop me a holla whenever you feel like it.

Go Knicks, and I'll see y'all in the Lyons Den.

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