Purity rings, be gone!

Newly minted sex symbol Nick Jonas confirmed to Wendy Williams that he is not a virgin!

The "Jealous" singer appeared on her talk show to discuss everything from his hot new look to his role on the show Kingdom, but let's be honest, we're focused on his physical and sexual transformation.

Because the purity rings were such a staple in the Jonas Brothers' lives—Nick has since removed his—the outspoken host immediately jumped on the opportunity to find out whether or not Nick regrets ever wearing it. It turns out, he doesn't!

"I think that it was an important part of my childhood, and it was that," Nick said. "I think as I grew up and sort of figured out what was important to me and my own belief system, which we all grow up, we all live life and find out what's important to us—that's what happened.

"I went on that journey myself and I'm now comfortable with who I am and what I believe in."

We're certainly comfortable with him, too! Nick has been flaunting his hot new bod around lately, most recently appearing in Flaunt magazine's photo tribute to Mark Wahlberg. The former Jonas Brothers member revealed to Wendy that he has that chiseled body now as a result of gaining 15 pounds of muscle for his role on the show Kingdom.

Unfortunately for us, Nick is taken by none other than former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. The 22-year-old said that he has been dating the beauty pageant winner for more than a year but doesn't see marriage on the horizon just yet.

"We have plenty of time," he said. "But we're happy. We're enjoying the ride of growing together. It's been a pretty insane year and a half. Lots of changes in both of our lives but she's been a great teammate through all of it."


Nick Jonas, Yahoo Style

Yahoo! Style

Nick also said that his hit song "Jealous" is about Culpo, who also appears in the music video.

"We went out one night and this guy was looking at her for a little too long," he recalled to. "It was uncomfortable. I'm not a jealous person and this was an experience that I was one or two drinks in. I really got into it and then I decided to let me just process this a different way and go into the studio and write this song."

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