Charli XCX, Nylon Magazine

NYLON/Zoey Grossman

It's all about that girl power!

Charli XCX graces the December/January cover of Nylon magazine, and she is on a mission to let all of her female fans know that they should not only love themselves, but they should also go crazy!

The "Boom Clap" singer discusses feminism, her experiences on tour and even her love of Beyoncé—at this point, is there anyone who isn't a Queen B fan? But the British singer has some powerful thoughts when it comes to media geared toward men and how it should try to promote feminism.

"I'm not knocking anyone, but in terms of male media, for them to want to listen to anything about feminism, it has to come from someone they think is stereotypically beautiful—which is, I guess, a tiny bit progressive," she tells the magazine.

The singer behind The Fault in our Stars' theme song, however, wants her fans to know that they should be able to do whatever they feel like at her shows—and feel good about it.

"But at my shows—especially for the girls—I want them to feel like they are empowering themselves by being wild and doing whatever the f--k they want," she explains.

Are there any limits to what fans can do? Nope!

"I get tampons thrown on the stage as well [as bras and panties].  Not used. They're clean, but there's gonna be a used one at one point, and I'm ready for it," she says.

And how did Charli XCX become so confident in herself? By sometimes removing her wardrobe in front of a crowd. Yes, you read that right, and she would do it in front of the two people you wouldn't want to watch you do it—her parents.

"I feel very comfortable in my own skin right now," she says, adding, "I've never stripped as a stripper, but when I was younger and playing at raves, I would take off some of my clothes— which was kind of weird because sometimes my parents would be there."


Charli XCX, Nylon Magazine

NYLON/Zoey Grossman

But the "I Love It" crooner is anything but! In fact, she talks candidly about her experiences with drugs (she has done them) and her place in pop music, explaining that "everyone is encouraged to seize their own opportunities and express themselves—it's such a time of freedom, but no one is really free."

"That definitely sounds like I've smoked a lot of weed on tour," she muses, adding, "And I have."     

And who does Charli XCX (real name Charlotte Emma Aitchison) look up to when it comes to empowering her fans? None other than Sasha Fierce!

"I admire women like Beyoncé for putting themselves on the line and having visuals that say 'feminism.'"

Queen Bee isn't her only role model, though. Charli XCX has a huge girl crush on Lena Dunham because "she's such a voice."

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