Sad Mug Shot

Remember the sexy mug shot guy? Well, this dude is nothing like that. But they do have one thing in common! … Mug shots. So, almost the same thing, right?!

We are going to describe three things reported about this man's arrest and we'll give you three guesses to tell us which state you think this happened in. Ready?

1. He was reportedly drunk.
2. He apparently rode his bike through a Taco Bell drive-through
3. He reportedly got pissed when employees wouldn't give him food so they had to call the police

If you guessed Florida, you are absolutely correct. You probably didn't need three guesses for that, did you? 

According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 33-year-old Gabriel Harris was charged with resisting arrest with violence in New Smyrna Beach after he refused to leave a Taco Bell on Sunday morning. It was 3 a.m., and Taco Bell employees would not serve him because he was on a bicycle in the drive-through lane, which is not allowed. (Trust us, we tried it. They also don't like when you walk through the drive-through).

According to the paper, the responding police officers asked Harris to leave. As they were trying to get Harris to realize a bean burrito was just not worth it, they saw that Harris had a Swiss Army knife on his belt loop. When cops reached for it, Harris allegedly grabbed one officer's wrist. He was then wrestled to the ground and arrested.

Harris ended his night by taking what has to be the saddest-looking mug shot on record.  Just look at it! Have you ever seen a more depressing mug shot?! We've been upset about not getting Taco Bell before, but never that upset.

Keep being you, Florida. Never change.

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