Guy Fieri

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for GQ

Warning: You will not be able to unsee this.

"Off the chain!" "Off the hook!" "Taking a ride to flavor town!" These are all phrases that would…not describe how Food Network star Guy Fieri looks without his crazy blond hair and beard.

The phrase you are looking forr regarding that image is: "unsettling." And/or "not necessary." But here we are. This is happening.

Twitter user Gewqk Photoshopped Guy Fieri, taking away his frosted tips and matching facial hair, and then it was unleashed upon the unprepared world. Burn the image of Guy Fieri as you know him into your brain forever, because you might not be able to go back after seeing…


Guy Fieri


Yep. Let that photo seep into your brain like a fart seeping into your car seat on the long ride home after a late night run to Taco Bell. Don't you dare look away.

He goes from Food Network host to...your uncle Fred. Or your dad. Or just some guy you see at the airport who is flying from St. Louis to Albuquerque and chowing down on a Subway foot-long.

Oh, also, Guy without that blond craziness looks like Al from Home Improvement:

Richard Karn, Home Improvement


So, we can all agree that Guy should never, ever get rid of the blonde hair? Because that Photoshopped image is just not right.

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