Oops! Dave and Buster's Tweets and Deletes Offensive Taco Tuesday Promo: Read It Now

Do you think this tweet is racist?

By Brett Malec Nov 18, 2014 11:52 PMTags
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Earlier today, Dave and Buster's sent out a controversial tweet that landed the restaurant chain in hot water with social media users who were offended by the message's racial undertones.

The Dave and Buster's tweet, which was sent out to promote Taco Tuesday, read, "'I hate tacos' said no Juan ever #TacoTuesday #DaveandBusters." Cue the backlash!

Shortly after the chain sent out the offensive tweet, they promptly deleted it. They also took to Twitter to apologize for the social media blunder.

"We sincerely apologize for the tweet that went out today our intention was never to offend anyone please accept our apology," they wrote.

As for the response on Twitter, some called out the tweet as being racist while others took it all in jest. "deleting your racist tweet and not apologizing/acknowledging you made a mistake won't make it go away @DaveandBusters," one user posted.

"People get so butthurt I swear... @DaveandBusters did nothing wrong with that tweet. It was a joke, calm down," another shared.

"More entries for the worst / most offensive tweet of #2014 are rolling in! @DaveandBusters," another tweeted.

What do you think?