37 New Emojis Being Considered for Release, Including a Truly Important One: a Taco

Other emoticons that might be on your phones soon include face with rolling eyes, prayer beads and a hot dog

By Jenna Mullins Nov 19, 2014 1:00 PMTags
Taco EmojiUnicode

Remember this time of your life, kids. Because this is the time you will always remember as the time you found out that a little animated taco maybe, just maybe, part of your texting game quite soon.

The Unicode Consortium announced this week that there have accepted 37 items as "candidates" for their next update. So while these are all being considered, some of them (or a lot of them) might not make the cut.

And the most important candidate? A taco, as shown in the mock up released by Unicode above. Though some might argue that a hot dog emoji is much more exciting, while there could also be a case made for a burrito being the emoji that's needed most. That's a debate we would love to see happen, even though we know it's possible friendships and families could be torn apart over tacos vs. hot dogs vs. burritos.

"There are many possible emoji that could be added, but releases need to be restricted to a manageable number," the company wrote on its blog. "Many other emoji characters, such as other food items and symbols of religious significance, are still being assessed, and could appear in a future release of the Unicode Standard."

Other exciting emojis we might see soon are "unicorn face," ice hockey stick and puck," "menorah  with nine brances," and "cheese wedge."

But truly, the possibilities are endless. What a wonderful world we live in!

Here is the full list of emojis that are being considered, and we know we're not alone when we say we are waiting with breath that is bated to see which ones will come to a text convo near us:

1. zipper-mouth face
2. money-mouth face
3. face with thermometer
4. nerd face
5. thinking face
6. face with rolling eyes
7. upside-down face
8. face with head-bandage
9. robot face
10. hugging face
11. sign of the horns
12. crab
13. scorpion
14. lion face
15. bow and arrow
16. amphora
17. prayer beads
18. kaaba
19. mosque
20. synagogue
21. menorah with nine branches
22. place of worship
23. dhyani buddha
25. hot dog
25. taco
26. burrito
27. bottle with popping cork
28. popcorn
29. turkey
30. unicorn face
31. cheese wedge
32. cricket bat and ball
33. volleyball
34. field hockey stick and ball 
35. ice hockey stick and puck
36. table tennis paddle and ball
37. badminton racquet and birdie

Which emoji are you most excited to see in the next update? Personally, we know we'll use the hell out of that "face with rolling eyes."