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Is Natalie Dormer perfect? That question was answered in her recent Reddit AMA. She is indeed wonderful. The Game of Thrones actress answered fan questions about everything from cheese—there's a lot of a cheese here—to zombie apocalypses.

Dormer suits up as Cressida in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 out this Friday. For the part she shaved the side of her head and revealed Jennifer Lawrence said the funniest thing to her (in retrospect) about her hair decision: "'Dude, are you SURE?!' when I was about to shave my head. It's actually only funny in hindsight. Hahaha!"

As for her main job, playing Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, Dormer did not hold back on the factoids. For example, the funniest people on set of Game of Thrones arePedro Pascal, Gwendoline Christie, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage. "They all make me laugh, and I'm very easy to make laugh, easily." As for who is the most like their character, that would be Dinklage, she said. "He is that droll and intelligent."

And Ser Pounce? Diva with a capital D. "Actually, Ser Pounce was a bit of a diva that day, he didn't want to stay on the bed, he was very difficult to work with," she said.

If there was a zombie apocalypse and she could assemble a team from her Game of Thrones family, this is who she'd pick. "I'll take Pedro as the Red Viper. I'll take Rory as the Hound. I'll take Gwendoline as Brienne, and I'll also take... Jaime Lannister. But I also very cheekily ask to take Norman Reedus as well, please! I'm sure we can fit him in!" That's a crossover we'd like to see!

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As for what Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) smells like, that would be "Musky spicey woody gorgeousness."

Some other key tidbits brought to light by Dormer's AMA:

The key to her heart is cheese. "I'm cheese-crazy. It's my big dairy weakness." As for her favorite: "Manchego! I love feta! I love goat cheese! I love mature chedda! I also love Wensleydale, I have no idea how you spell Wensleydale, especially with cranberries in it, it's the perfect cheese for Christmas. The only thing i can't do is blue. I can't do blue cheese. It just doesn't work with me. It's not even so much the smell, I just can't do it, you know? Maybe as a bit of a salad, but... hahaha. I mean, very rare circumstances! Brie, I love brie, melted brie. Burrata! God I love a Burrata. I literally could talk about cheese for 10 minutes."

She has dreams of Broadway and wants to return to CBS's Elementary. When asked what it was like playing the iconic character with a new twist, Dormer said it's "Effing FANTASTIC, I love playing Moriarty! And I love being in New York, I hope very much to return. I'm just lulling Sherlock into a false sense of security."

And finally, she's not smirking. It's just her smile. "I have an asymmetrical mouth. I have a naturally crooked smile. People call it a smirk, but it's not, it's just my natural smile with my lips closed," she said. "If you could quote me verbatim, I'd appreciate that...My sister has it too, it's a family trait."

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