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Tonight on TV, Castle went a' honeymoonin' while Sleepy Hollow and The Originals dealt with some serious parental issues in ways only they know how. Plus, Gotham brought us Harvey Dent. Did we want him? Who cares? All that and more in tonight's Rants and Raves!

RAVE: Castle: We do declare that tonight's episode was probably our favorite all season in terms of how much fun we had with it, and not just because it featured a whole lot of Castle and Beckett finally referring to each other as husband and wife. Could these two have had a better, more fitting honeymoon? They got to play dress-up, go on a treasure hunt, and solve a murder on a dude ranch, and it just felt so perfectly Castle-y that we could not have asked for anything more.

RANT: Castle: We will say, however, that the case started out promising and then got needlessly complicated. And how did the fun-loving Castle not immediately assume that the dead girl with a key and a map in a wild west-themed murder had been going on a hunt for buried gold? 

RANT: Castle: Lanie, Esposito, and Ryan may have forgiven Caskett for not inviting them to the impromptu wedding, but we haven't. Why weren't they there? If  Castle, Beckett, Martha, Alexis, and Beckett's dad could make it up to the Hamptons on such short notice, it makes no sense that a few others couldn't tag along, especially given the fact that they were already prepared. When Beckett showed up in that white dress at the end, we were sort of expecting a second wedding situation with the whole gang present, but alas, guess we'll just have to settle for imagining their second honeymoon.

Sleepy Hollow


RANT: Sleepy Hollow: Even if we had been through everything Abbie's been through, we still think we would have positively leapt out of our chairs in fright if our dead mother showed up in a surveillance video of a dead man's bedroom. She just casually looked at Jenny and said, "That's Mama, back from the grave," like she was observing a baseball game instead of an insane (and insanely personal) supernatural  event. We were glad, however, that Mama Mills turned out to not be an evil ghost, but a sweet and helpful one!

RAVE: Sleepy Hollow: Hawley and Abbie bonded over being Jane Austen fans while a sickly Ichabod dozed in a corner. It was all so adorable. This show is weird (and amazing).  

RANT: The Originals: We had sort of thought Klaus' dad would stick around a while but we were so wrong. Klaus ended up having to kill his father when the elder werewolf sensed that Hope was still alive, and it was super duper sad because he only revealed this to get Klaus to trust him. It worked, but then it forced Klaus to get rid of him to keep Hope safe. Klaus is just never going to have a happy family, is he?

RAVE: The Originals: If this franchise needs any more spinoffs, might we suggest one involving Cami, Hayley, and Aiden as bounty hunters? If we had a mother-obsessed immortal witch to capture, this is the team we would hire to do it.

Jane the Virgin


RAVE: Jane the Virgin: Michael who? Jane broke it off with the fiancé, and Raf finally told his baby mama how he feels, but it took until the end of the episode for the two to share the crazy passionate kiss we didn't realize we had been waiting for.

RANT: Gotham: The introduction of Harvey Dent felt just a little bit too on the nose to us. We immediately met Dent's trick coin and the guy kept standing in shadows so half of his face was obscured. We won't even mention the slight over-acting. This show is entirely lacking in subtlety, and it is getting tiring. 

RAVE: Vanderpump Rules: After Lisa Vanderpump fired James last episode, we loved watching Kristen's boyfriend come back to Sur not once but twice to try and beg for his job back. He even wrote a love letter to Lisa and wanted her to read it "in private." She said she would think about bringing him back, which in Bravo land has to mean he'll likely be back, right?

RAVE: The Voice: Once again, Team Adam's Matt McAndrew knocked it out of the park with Hozier's "Take Me to Church." He makes us particularly excited for tonight's announcement that this season's final singers will get to write original songs with their coaches and compete with those songs on the show. Could be great, could be a disaster, but it's definitely sure to be entertaining.

What did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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