True story: Tori Spelling has a really hard time dealing with confrontation.

That was certainly the case when the mother-of-four hosted a "princesses and fairies" birthday party for her daughter Hattie last month.

In a sneak peek at a brand-new episode of True Tori, Spelling is trying her best to stay calm as she anxiously awaits for the arrival of Candy Spelling and Dean McDermott's ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace.

"The two women that are two people I haven't emotionally confronted my whole life that I have issues with are both going to be [here]," she tells her close friends. Yeah, not exactly a party.

But while many may suspect Eustace to be the cause of Spelling's growing anxiety, it's actually her mom that has her most upset. 

Tori Spelling, Tatum O'Neal, Candy Spelling, Hattie Birthday

Jonathan Ressler/

"My mom and I have a really complicated relationship. We see each other when it's appropriate for the children and they come into play. I don't want them to not see their grandmother, she's a part of their lives," she explains to the cameras. "But at the same time, we don't have this relationship where we actively work on anything. We kind of just push it aside, both of us. And there's always an awkwardness."

Before the two can even meet, Spelling runs to her room to try and recover from her growing migraine.

As a result, McDermott must step in to greet Candy and her surprise guest. 

Tori Spelling, Tatum O'Neal, Candy Spelling, Hattie Birthday

Jonathan Ressler/

"What is going on? This is turning into the weirdest 3-year-old's birthday party ever," he confesses after saying hi to Candy and her "friend" Tatum O'Neal.

But wait, there's more! O'Neal has some advice for Tori's husband the moment she sits down.

"I think Tori should come down and say hi to her mom. Don't you think?" she asks. "It would just look good…I mean better… for the show."

Looks like there are a whole lot of queens at this fairytale birthday. Find out what happens next when the episode airs Dec. 2 on Lifetime! 

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