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Bruce Jenner was involved in a scary off-road accident with his son Burt over the weekend—but fortunately, he walked away with just a few scrapes and bruises.

"I invited my dad to come out and ride with me," Burt told E! News.  "It's kind of been a lifelong dream for us to go down and race in Baja. We had an opportunity [before], but Brody [Jenner] was a little too scared to do it, so the deal kind of fell apart."

The two embarked on a race that started in Ensenada and ended in La Paz—roughly 1,200 miles distance—and were driving a trophy truck that Burt claims was worth around $500,000.

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"It's known as one of the toughest off road races in the world, if not the toughest," he added. "I started the race as the driver with my dad as the navigator. We got a flat tire at mile 140. We were supposed to switch the driver and navigator position at mile 160, so we made a decision to make the change a little earlier. My dad got in the driver seat and unfortunately had crashed the car, and ripped the brake line and power steering off at mile 178."

Burt explained that at the time of the crash, they were going around 40 mph.

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"We rolled the truck kind of on its side and had to climb out. We were able to get the truck back together after a couple hour wait out in the desert."

Burt shared that he and his famous father "made it all the way to mile 207, but because we had so much of the race still left to do and we were so far behind, the team owner said it was time to call it quits and pulled the plug."

Despite the crash, and having to back out of the race, Burt says that it was "definitely a cool experience and chance of a lifetime."

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