Jane the Virgin


Move over, The Vampire Diaries, because the new reigning champion of messy CW love triangles is officially Jane the Virgin!

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) just ended things with her fiance Michael (Brett Dier) because he lied about knowing that Jane's boss's wife Petra (Yael Grobglas) was cheating on Jane's boss Rafael (Justin Baldoni). But what Michael doesn't know is that Jane also has feelings for Rafael, and Rafael has feelings for Jane...plus, let's not forget the little fact that Jane is currently carrying Rafael's baby.

Got all that? Phew!

Jane the Virgin


And now that Jane is putting distance between her and Michael while she figures out her feelings for him in light of his betrayal, expect the Jane/Michael/Rafael love triangle to get shaken up in a major way in tonight's episode, "Chapter Six!"

Of course, Michael doesn't know that, since he still believes he can fix things with Jane.

"His heart is broken," Dier told E! News on set of the CW dramedy. "Michael loves Jane more than anything so losing her is a massive problem for him. He should probably go into therapy. He shouldn't have lied. He should have just told her the truth. The moral of the story is don't lie! Don't do it, people!"

Michael is going to do anything and everything he can to repair their relationship.

"He thinks that he can still win her back and he definitely tries hard to do that," Dier said. " It's heartbreaking too, because of what the audience is going to see between her and Rafael. Seeing that, it's not even like a Facebook status changed, he actually has to see them together, in person. That's the worst thing that could happen. But Michael will always believe that Jane and him are soul mates and they will get back together. He's letting her have time to figure things out. That's where he is."

But where does Jane's heart lay? As viewers know, it's in the muscled arms of a certain hotel owner/father of her unborn child. And these two are going to take a major step forward in tonight's episode. Spoiler alert: you. Will. Swoon.

"I'm really excited for fans to see the last moment of episode 6," Baldoni said. "It's a moment that you would normally see at the end of a season, but of course, we have a lot of things happening like babies and murder in the plot, so we move faster. That moment at the end of episode 6 is a really beautiful, strong, powerful moment that will set up the rest of the season."

Jane the Virgin


Despite that certain "beautiful" moment that happens near the end of the episode, things won't be easy for these two future parents.

"Jane is going to have to fight some people's opinions on how quickly she's going to move on from Michael," Rodriguez told E! News on set. "Even though she's about to take this big leap of faith with Rafael, there's always consequences with that speed. She'll feel it."

Of course, Rafael has a much more clear vision on what he wants than Jane does as she faces this major decision.

"Rafael is dealing with an extraordinary amount of pressures. Everything in his life is falling apart," Baldoni told E! News on set. "He's got this wife he can't divorce, his sister who screwed up and stabbed him in the back by accidentally inseminating this girl instead of his wife, his father and Lachlan, his friend died and he found out he was sleeping with his wife, all these things are pressuring him. And in the middle of it all, there's this beautiful gift: he has a chance to be a dad with this amazing, sweet, strong young girl. In that, he's found a little bit of an escape and naturally there's this chemistry."

Baldoni loves how "innocent" and "sweet" the connection is between Rafael and Jane.

"There's a real, deep connection between the two of them," Baldoni said. "But of course, it wouldn't be a telenovela if they wouldn't be pulled in other directions and complications are going to arise. I can tease that whatever it is is real but also there's going to be a lot of interesting curve balls thrown their way."

Jane the Virgin


But the Jane/Rafael/Michael love triangle isn't the major storyline moving forward in tonight's episode. Fans will also get to see Jane's relationship with her father Rogelio (Jaime Camil) evolve in a big way.

"The audience can already tell that Jane is not swayed by money or power or status, but when she has this superstar father and he's trying to love her in a way that doesn't feel genuine to Jane, she pulls back," Rodriguez said. "She feels a lack of authenticity. You'll see the differences between her and her father and hopefully she can pull him out of that way of thinking and hopefully he can do the same for her. You'll see the evolution of Jane and Rogelio in a nice, organic way and you'll get to see Rogelio's heart more and more."

Camil is excited that he'll get to show a softer side to Rogelio.

"As the show progresses, you will get to know Rogelio and see that he's actually a very genuine guy," Camil told E! News on set. "He loves the fact that he has a daughter and he fantasizes about having a wife and a family, and eventually he's going to live in Xo's [Andrea Navedo] house and play house, but Xo won't be too happy about that. It's a very funny progression on how the father, daughter and mother's relationship all evolves."

But there's something...er, someone...actually, multiple someones who will try and get in the way of that blossoming family relationship.

"Rogelio has zero feelings for his ex-wife, and he has feelings for Xiomara and that is going to complicate their relationship," Camil said. "His ex-wife even tries to sabotage Xiomara! And we will meet her evil twins. Rogelio was never a part of their life to be honest; they were just a part of the package of his ex-wife. They were always 'stepdaughters' in his heart, never 'daughters.' Not like Jane is, and they don't like that. There is a scene coming up in this next episode where they're having a family dinner with Rogelio, Xiomara, Rogelio's ex-wife, Jane's abuela, Jane and the evil twins. It's so funny and awkward."

But one of the best scenes coming up on Jane the Virgin is actually a flashback to the night when Jane and Michael first met, and it's going to give Team Michael fans something amazing to hold onto while Jane and Michael are on the outs.

"I'm excited for the audience to see how Michael and Jane met," Dier said. "That's really fun. There's a flashback that shows their chemistry from the very beginning and it's sweet and hilarious at the same time."

Here's a tease: their first encounter involves a gun, a lot of alcohol...and a stripper? Yeah, you do not want to miss this.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 p.m on the CW.

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