Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine

Jean-Paul Goude/Paper Magazine

Kim Kardashian's glistening body parts are quite powerful, but it turns out that there is one thing more powerful than the reality star going full-frontal.

And that thing is SCIENCE.

Kim and Paper magazine's attempt to break the Internet seemed to work on the surface. Everyone was talking about it and you couldn't click anywhere on the information super highway without coming face to butt with those racy photos. But when you dig a little deeper, Twitter actually cared more about an incredible feat of science and technology.

ESA, Comet Landing

ESA via Getty Images

According to data pulled by the Wall Street Journal via Topsy, there were more mentions on Twitter of the European Space Agency landing a spacecraft on a comet than of Kim's nude photoshoot in a 24-hour period. It kind of makes you think humanity stands a chance, right?

When comparing the hashtags #CometLanding and #BreaktheInternet, plus the terms "comet" and "Kardashian," you can see in the graph below that space travel surpassed the woman people are constantly keeping up with. Not only that, but the "sentiment" (a rating system used my Topsy) surrounding the comet landing was mostly positive, while Kim's magazine cover drew a more controversial reaction.

Kim Kardashian vs. Comet Landing Tweets

In case you missed the brouhaha, on Wednesday a spacecraft (the Rosetta) that had been launched from Earth landed on the face of a comet for the first time in history. The ESA's Philae lander flew roughly 317 million miles through space and touched down on the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet after what scientists monitoring the mission called "seven hours of terror."

So it looks like a rock hurtling through deep space can break the Internet a little bit more than Kim's voluptuous figure on full display. Who knew?

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