The Richest Royal in the World Also Has One of the Biggest Palaces in the World—See the Stunning Pics From Thailand!

Take a tour of Thailand's Grand Palace

By Kamala Kirk Nov 14, 2014 4:05 PMTags
Grand Palace Bangkok ThailandPayont Thanasatirakul/Getty Images

Every prince has his palace, so it's no surprise that royals own some of the most prime real estate in the world!

On the upcoming show The Royals which stars Elizabeth Hurley as the fictional Queen Helena, viewers will be granted access behind the exclusive gates of their royal palace—which serves as the official residence for Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and other members of the real-life royal family.

Have you ever wondered what other royal palaces in the world are like? From the lavish Versailles (which was home to the last queen of France, Marie Antoinette) to Austria's Schönbrunn Palace (where the infamous Habsburg rulers lived), there are countless royal residences that we'd love to get a closer look at.

King Bhumibol of Thailand (who is currently the richest royal in the world) may call a different palace home these days, but the Grand Palace in Bangkok (which was a former residence for the monarchy and is now a public attraction) is still one of the most stunning architectural feats we've ever seen...

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Also known as Wat Phra Kaew, this is considered the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand and houses a statue of the Emerald Buddha, which was crafted in the 14th century.

The Buddha (which is carved from green jade and set against gold-gilded sculptures) always wears a robe, which the king personally changes every season. It doesn't get more blinged-out than this.

Prasit Rodphan/Getty Images

Chakri Maha Prasat

This was once the residence of King Rama V in the late 1800s and served as a reception area for guests.

It features a combination of European architecture with a traditional Thai roof, while the inside is home to elaborate decorations inspired by the European Renaissance. These days the building serves various state functions and royal ceremonies.

Payont Thanasatirakul/Getty Images

Dusit Maha Prasat Hall

Built in 1790, this is one of the most elegant public buildings to this day that remains true to its time.

Built in the shape of a tall mountain to represent Mount Meru (the mythological center of the universe), the interior has a large mother-of-pearl throne along with a matching bed, which are primarily used as the lying-in-state place for kings, queens, and other royal family members.

Richard Nebesky/Getty Images

Amarinda Hall

Stemming back to 1785, this hall was used for certain state ceremonies, such as the king's birthday.

It's main feature is a throne that sits under a nine-tiered white canopy, flanked by two seven-tiered umbrellas and backed by a boat-shaped altar.

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The Royals premieres in March 2015 on E!

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