Spoiler Bomb! This Beloved Female TV Character Is Transitioning Into a Man...

Exclusive: Get the details on this LGBT TV first!

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 13, 2014 7:50 PMTags
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Another LGBT TV first is on the way!

Multiple sources connected to a fan-favorite, high-profile TV show tell me that one of the female characters will start transitioning into a man in an upcoming episode arc. 

This beloved character has been a part of the show for a few seasons, having dated men in the past, and the storyline will be "very emotional," and probably take fans by surprise, but will be handled delicately and respectfully, per insiders.

This will be the first female-to-male transition storyline on a mainstream TV show, and comes on the heels, of course of Orange Is the New Black's successful Laverne Cox casting (the first transgender actor to be nominated for an Emmy), and Amazon's new trangender series, Transparent, starring Jeffrey Tambor, which already has been picked up for a second season and has received rave reviews. 

Now, we don't want to outright spoil this plot twist—what fun is that?—but we will give you 15 shows below that are possible contenders. And for every 100 new "Likes" of this Facebook page, we will knock one show out of the running...

The show with the female-to-male transition is one of these shows:


Grey's Anatomy


Once Upon a Time




Orange Is the New Black

The Mindy Project

How to Get Away With Murder

The Walking Dead


Parks and Recreation

House of Cards

Pretty Little Liars

UPDATE, 1:32 pm: We hit 100 new "Likes"! So let's rule out: Orange Is the New Black.

UPDATE, 4:03 pm: Another 100! Crossing off Parks and Recreation. 

UPDATE: 6:05 am: The Walking Dead is out!

UPDATE: 8:10 am: House of Cards is off the list. 

Update: Parenthood and Girls are gone.

We will eliminate another show after 100 more  "Likes" to this Facebook page...Thanks for playing along.