Beyonce, Feminist

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Is there anything bigger than a face-palm? A face-foot? Because seeing this article on Time magazine's website made us want to smack ourselves in the face with a shoe.

Time debuted its annual list of words that they think deserve and/or need to be banned. Apparently last year they got "twerk" banned? We think Miley Cyrus banned that term symbolically the moment her VMA performance ended and after Robin Thicke cried himself to sleep that same night.

On its list of words to ban in 2015? The usual suspects like "I can't even," "yaaasssss," "obvi" and "bae." Those are fine and, sure, we've used most of those words before and it's probably time to stop. We get it. That's not how humans are supposed to talk.

But why in the hell is "feminist" on there? Here's Time's explanation:

You have nothing against feminism itself, but when did it become a thing that every celebrity had to state their position on whether this word applies to them, like some politician declaring a party? Let's stick to the issues and quit throwing this label around like ticker tape at a Susan B. Anthony parade.

Um, why are we pissed that people are labeling themselves as feminists? After decades of people being afraid to refer to themselves as such, shouldn't we be celebrating the fact we hear this word so often?

According to Time and the voters: NOPE.

A staggering 45 percent of readers voted to do away with "feminist," followed with "bae" and "om nom nom nom." Yeah, it's very logical to put those three terms in the same category. Did our sarcasm come across just then? Good.

We're not the only ones who were peeved at Time's poll choices. Look! It's those damn feminists, at it again on Twitter!

So, yeah, the banning of "feminist" pissed us off, but next in line was the fact that they referred to Miranda from Sex and the City as "basic." What?! She was the least-basic one! The redheaded, sarcastic Harvard-educated lawyer who hates pretty much everything? How is she basic?! She proposed to her husband over $2 beers! And Miranda would never be caught dead Instagramming her Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Get your facts right, Time! Really swinging for the fences today, huh?


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