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Comedy Central

Like his humor or not, Daniel Tosh hit this one out of the park.

The Tosh.0 host responded in kind to what he felt was ESPN ripping off his "Web Redemption" idea with its own "The Awesome Video Segment," co-opting the network's flagship, SportsCenter, for his own bit detailing all the reasons why the show sucks.

"Listen, I'm aware America's Funniest Home Videos and Talk Soup have a legitimate gripe against me. It's bad enough MTV has a PG girl version of this show," Tosh launched into making his point on last night's Tosh.0 (not remembering that The Soup hasn't been Talk Soup in some time, but whatever.)

"But now sports channels are stealing from me?!" he continued. "Did ESPN really think I wouldn't notice when it came up with an eerily familiar new segment called 'Awesome Video Segment'?"

Flash back to all the times when Tosh asked some poor soul in need of viral-video redemption, "Are you ready to give it another shot?"—much like the "Do you think you would be willing to give it another shot?" chance offered to a guy who ate it on the ice while singing "O Canada" before a hockey game in the ESPN version.

"You f--king hacks are cheapening my brand," Tosh charged. "I'm fine with kids in college or high school plagiarizing, but once you work for a real network you should have some goddamn self-respect. That's why I created a new segment called 'SportsScience.0.' Who do you think came up with that, a network dedicated to sports, or Bill Nye's son, the sports science guy? They've been calling me that since I was f--king 11."

And so the takedown begins. Watch Tosh's scientific breakdown—with pie charts and everything—of the reasons why SportsCenter blows:

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