Anderson Cooper


Cue the giggles!

During one of his famous AC360 Ridiculist segments this week, Anderson Cooper was on the receiving end of an awesome on-air prank that left him shocked and dumbfounded on live TV. The hilarious prank occurred during Cooper's segment on coworkers' annoying habits in the workplace. Unbeknownst to him, the 47-year-old host became the subject of his own Ridiculist rant.

In a clip of the joke, Cooper is visibly surprised when he cues up a clip and the video footage is of his own office desk, specifically a lit basil-scented candle that he has burning.

"Oh, really? This is what The Ridiculist is about tonight?" Cooper asked his staff on live TV. "I should have read it ahead of time."

"Really?! Some of my coworkers do not like the way my candle smells?" he hilariously went on. "This is cold! And you don't tell me. You let me read it on a teleprompter. Wow. This is new to me. This is completely news to me."

Cooper went on to read a list of things his coworkers say his basil candle smells like. Some of the hilarious suggestions included, "Grandma's house, old mall, Italian salad, Woodstock vomit, garden gnome's underwear drawer, dumpster ravioli, Mario Batali's crocs, herb garden growing in a landfill and a brothel in Tuscany."

"I get a candle and this is what happens," Cooper laughed. "Until this program is renamed Anti-Candle360 I will do whatever I want to try to create a serene friggin' office environment for my coworkers and myself to enjoy."

LOL! Watch the clip for yourself.

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