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Oh. Dang. Sons of Anarchy just got crazy after Abel dropped a major truthbomb on his dad. Plus, Supernatural's 200th episode was positively perfect, RHONJ brought the tears, and we will forever be wondering why anyone would want to take Selfie away from us. All that and more in tonight's Rants and Raves!

RAVE: Sons of Anarchy: Finally, finally, finally Jax knows the truth about who murdered Tara! After Abel spent all day scratching himself with a fork to blame it on Gemma to get her in trouble with the school (seriously, how smart/scary is this 5-year-old?!?) Jax decided to get to the bottom of what was bothering his son and told him the truth about his "two mommies." Now Abel knows Wendy is his "first mommy," and asked if that's why "grandma killed my second mommy so my first mommy can be with me." Cue Jax's bewildered expression, and the credits roll. Next Tuesday needs to get here now!

RAVE: Sons of Anarchy: Tig and Venus, sitting in a tree…and in bed. That's right, these two star-crossed lovers are now in a full-fledged relationship, and we couldn't be more confused/excited/happy about it. Hearing Tig call Venus "baby" and tell him that he wants to do this thing for real was so adorable/sweet/amazing/shocking, especially considering that we honestly never thought we'd see Tig want to settle down! This scene, five seasons in the making, is Sons of Anarchy at its best.

RANT: Sons of Anarchy: Oh Juice. Poor, poor Juice. He's made mistakes, sure, but getting constantly raped in prison and becoming Marilyn Manson's new boyfriend?! Oy.

The Flash, Danielle Panabaker

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RANT: The Flash: And we're back to introducing and then promptly killing off comic book characters. Plastique, a woman who could turn anything into a bomb, showed up, blew up a few things, and then had to be carried across water before she herself blew up. At least we now know Barry can walk (run) on water!

RAVE: The Flash: That scene where the Flash confronted Iris was unexpectedly touching, as she explained that her obsession with "The Streak" was all about helping her friend Barry continue to believe in the impossible. Then it got very sad when Barry basically put their friendship on a break.  

RAVE: The Flash: How about that ending flashback, in which Wells saved a certain gorilla by the name of Grodd from being experiemented on? We can't wait to see where this goes! 

RAVE: Real Housewives of New Jersey: That ending was so emotional! Andy held Teresa's hand after she said this was likely going to be her last reunion. They reminisced and flashbacked to Teresa's time on the show, from childbirth to the table flip, before Teresa apologized to the fans for letting them down.

RAVE: Selfie: Eliza's introduction of some dude at the Pharmeceuitcon could not have been more perfect. "And now, this guy." Everything in this episode could not have been more perfect. This show could have almost filled the Happy Endings void in our hearts, if the world were a fair and balanced place.


Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, New Girl

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RAVE: New Girl: If you've ever doubted that Nick and Schmidt would make an excellent couple, tonight's ep, in which Nick had to pretend to be "Gay Nick" in order to make Jess's new boyfriend more comfortable with her living with her ex, totally proved it. They might already be an excellent couple. Oh and Schmidt talking to Cece's boobs at the end was both adorable and very, very creepy in the Schmidt-y-est of ways. 

RANT/ RAVE: Agents of SHIELD: So this whole time, Coulson has been drawing an alien city, along with other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who had their memories erased in order to stop being compelled to draw an alien city. Rave for finally giving us some answer, rant because we're still confused.

RAVE: The Mindy Project: Yeah we're gonna need all the gifs of Danny in the jacket and the Aviators dancing to "Danger Zone." Immediately.   

RAVE: Forever: Nice to see Hilarie Burton back on TV, we totally didn't mind the role – a dominatrix who seems to be getting pretty close to Henry. We also wouldn't mind having her back! (Side note: We are so glad we changed our minds about this show!)

RAVE: Supernatural: Who else teared up during the final musical moment of that 200th episode? Hearing that beautiful rendition of "Carry On My Wayward Son" was such a treat, especially getting to see fan-favorite characters Bobby, Adam, Mary and John singing it. Also, Dean has the "Samulet" again! Our hearts, they are a-burstin'. Get the full scoop here.

RANT: True Tori: Jack's ever more insane birthday party felt like we were watching a weird family sitcom with a typical rowdy teen. What kind of 16 year-old has 90 "friends?" Guess it helps to have tabloid staples and reality show stars for a dad and stepmom. 

What did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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