Sam Simon, The Simpsons

Joe Kohen/FilmMagic

After being diagnosed with terminal colon cancer two years ago, The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon has devoted his life—and the rest of his massive fortune—to charity.

In a new interview with NBC News, Simon is opening up about his health and his passion for helping animals.

"Cancer is a horrible disease. I'm struggling with it," Simons told Maria Shriver, adding with a laugh, "It's tough, but if you want publicity and if you want to pick up girls, cancer is the greatest thing in the world."

After he was told he only had three to six months to live back in 2012, Simon partnered up with PETA and other animal organizations. "I get to watch these animals that have been in concrete bunkers their whole life, I get to watch them take their first steps on grass," Simon gushed.

"I think that my passion for the animals and against animal abuse is based on the knowledge that these creatures who feel and think can't speak for themselves and they're dependent on us for that," he continued. "And so I feel it's my responsibility to speak for those that can't speak for themselves."

Although his battle with cancer has been rough, Simon says he's learned a lot from the journey.

"Somehow, I ended up surrounded by people that love me and take care of me and will do anything for me. It's a good feeling. That's called happiness," he told Shriver. "It's been a fight, it's been an adventure, it's been an education, it's been the most amazing experience of my life so far."

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