40 Essential Leonardo DiCaprio GIFs to Celebrate His 40th Birthday

There is never a bad time to use a dancing Leo GIF

By Jenna Mullins Nov 11, 2014 7:57 PMTags
Leonardo DiCaprio KCSPresse / Splash News

Happy birthday, Leonardo "You'll Get an Oscar One Day, We Promise" DiCaprio! You are turning 40 today, and while most humans start to panic about what they are doing with their lives or fret over the fact that they are really getting up there in age, you're just dating super-hot women and jet-setting with famous friends.

You're doing just fine.

In honor of the man who sparked many teenagers' sexual awakening back in the '90s (Jack Dawson 4-ever), here are 40 Leo GIFs that you simply must have in your life, one for every glorious year he's been on our planet:

1. Brutally Rejected Leo

2. Deleted Titanic Scene Leo

3. Poor Oscar-less Leo #1

4. Celebration Leo

5. Straight Chillin' Leo

6. No Time for Your Drama Leo

7. What Face Is This Even Leo

8. Sweaty, Panting Leo

9. Poor Oscar-less Leo #2

10. Just Marry Kate Winslet Already Leo

11. Dramatic Telephone Convo Leo

12. Hawaiian Shirt Leo

13. Let the Beat Drop Leo

14. Zoom-in Leo

15. Sad Puppy Leo

16. Sexy Black and White Leo

17. Poor Oscar-less Leo #3

18. Dolla, Dolla Bills Y'all Leo

19. Sweet, Young Leo

20. Elevator Leo

21. Ultimate Dancing Leo

22. Smoldering Leo

23. Romeo Plus Sign Juliet Leo

24. Eating Hand Leo

25. Clapping Leo

26. Intense, Borderline Manic Leo

27. "Indoor Gal" Leo

28. Poor Oscar-less Leo #4

29. I Might Be at a Rave Leo

30. Cheers, Leo

31. Getting High With Superbad Leo

32. Piercing Blue Eyes Leo

33. Rear Window Leo

34. Yelling in a Tank Top Leo

35. I'm on a Boat Leo

36. Furiously Running Leo

37. Sparklers Leo

38. Backseat Leo

39. "Meh" Leo

40. He's Just Being Leo Leo

Happy birthday, you talented, handsome hunk of man meat!