Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Alex Martinez

Nothing like the return of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to have us pondering some real important life issues, people!

The seventh season kicked off tonight on Bravo and we have...questions. Like, seriously burning questions and we need to settle in order for the universe to make sense once more.

Help, wontcha?

Here are the great mysteries of the RHOA premiere...

Did Phaedra Do the Right Thing? Holy drama when it comes to Apollo and Phaedra, right? Whether you are a mother, a father, ever had a mother or father, or are just a human being with a beating heart, the whole process of Phaedra leaving her house to move into a hotel with the boys, and NOT appearing even for Apollo's sentencing (for several counts of bank and money fraud) was...rough. We totally get how Kandi and Todd are divided when it comes to Phaedra's actions, because on the one hand, she is a fierce momma bear simply protecting her cubs from all the ugliness...and, she says, paparazzi lined up outside their home.

On the other hand, she's clearly looking out for herself and doesn't seem too concerned about how the father of her children is faring, since the show's producers seemed to hint that there wasn't any paparrazzi outside the home, and it's most likely that Phaedra just didn't want to be sucked into Apollo's horrible legal issues any further. Understandable...Fleeing to a hotel? Definitely not a stand-by-your-man move. But does he deserve any support after blatantaly breaking the law, and jeopardizing their entire family's well-being? Let's just say we are glad we weren't in Phaedra's shoes making those very tough calls. So awful.

In What Strange Universe Would Cynthia and Kenya Become BFFs!? We call foul, RHOA producers! We get that Cynthia and Nene are still totally on the outs (the shot of Cynthia promising to "unfriend/unfollow" and burn her "friend contract" could not have been more clear). And Nene isn't even in the same state! But are we really to believe that Cynthia, who has always been the show's voice of reason, has the sudden urge to run over to Queen of Polarization Kenya's couch and exchange St Ends/Be Fri necklaces? Love her or hate her, Kenya has always been the show's greatest (bat-s--t crazy) instigator, while Cynthia has taken great lengths to avoid drama. This pair does not make sense, and just reeks of forced fakeness. Especially when the rest of the premiere brought so much authenticity, compared to some past seasons.

How Does Nene Do It?! She's not even in Atlanta, but Nene still ended up stealing much of the spotlight in tonight's premiere, with her scenes shot on location in Vegas as she lauched her Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity performance. The reigning RHOA queen doesn't even have to be with any of the ladies to be entertaining, proving that despite Kenya's claims to the contrary, she is still a force to be reckoned with! Which would also explain her securing a solo spot on Watch What  Happens Live tonight... Snap, hunnis! Nene's reign isn't going away any time soon...

What did you think of tonight's premiere? Are you Team Apollo or Phaedra? Hit the comments!

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