Nick Jonas

Attitude Magazine

My, oh my! Nick Jonas has certainly grown up!

Sure he's recently channeled Mark Wahlberg in memorable underwear photo shoots. And yes, he also gave fans a tutorial on how to perfect "crotch grabbing."

Now, the former Jonas Brothers member is opening up about sex in a very candid way.

"Sex is such an important part of a healthy life, in the sense that it's such an intrinsic part of who you are," he shared in the December issue of Attitude magazine. "When your sex life is not healthy, you resort to other things as an outlet. And in terms of the show, that's tough to watch."

We told you someone's getting older!

Nick Jonas

Attitude Magazine

In recent magazine shoots, fans may have also noticed Jonas' impressive abs, partly attributed to his role in the DirectTV series Kingdom.

While some admirers were shocked at how much the "Jealous" singer bulked up, Jonas was surprised at how some fans didn't exactly approve of his chest hair.

"I never even really thought about it; that that would be an issue," he told the Europe publication.  "I think that I've never even tried to like wax or shave my chest hair or anywhere else. I just think, ‘I'm a man, I don't really need to!' That's the beautiful part about being a man!" Breathe ladies, breathe.

Nick Jonas

Attitude Magazine

And while the former Jonas Brothers member continues to work towards an image far different than what we saw during his Disney days, the 22-year-old admits it's a work in progress.

"Back in the days with my brothers, I think I put more pressure on myself than I should have. I wasn't enjoying the moments as much as I could've," he admitted. "So this time around, at the core, I've told myself to enjoy the ride and have fun with it, and don't stress over the little things."

Want to read more? Download the entire interview at Attitude magazine's website here.

Meanwhile, Jonas was also just named as an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is dedicated to inspiring today's youth through entertainment and education focused initiatives. "Nick has been an amazing supporter of our foundation and recently brought smiles to our friends at Children's Medical Center Dallas, where he shared his own story of resilience and how he copes with being a diabetic," Ryan Seacrest said earlier today.

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