Savannah Guthrie Admits to Getting Botox: Find Out if She'd Do It Again!

New mom says she doesn't regret getting her wrinkles smoothed out

By Brett Malec Nov 06, 2014 7:04 PMTags

On Thursday morning's episode of the Today show, Savannah Guthrie made a big Botox confession!

The 42-year-old co-host, who recently welcomed her first child with hubby Mike Feldman, admitted to getting the wrinkle-erasing cosmetic procedure several years ago.

"I have done it, I did it in 2009," Guthrie told Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Carson Daly and Josh Elliott while showing a pic of herself with President Barack Obama during an October 2009 interview. "Really, I did it, I was working here."

"[I got Botox] in my forehead, that's where everyone did it," she added. "And you know what? I remember looking back and thinking, ‘I don't think that looks that good.'"


So would Guthrie ever go under the needle again?

"I have never done it again," she admitted, adding, "I'm not saying I wouldn't though. I would. And I mean, I'm definitely a candidate for Botox. Because of wrinkles on your forehead, they're supposed to smooth them out."

Guthrie's Botox confession comes just a few days after she returned to Today following 12 weeks of maternity leave. Guthrie and Feldman welcomed their baby daughter Vale back on Aug. 13.

"It's so great to be back here, just to see everybody and all of our friends here behind the scenes," Guthrie said during Monday's show. "I'm used to that 3 a.m. alarm, but it sounds more like a baby crying."

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