Dean McDermott Quitting True Tori After This Season: ''I Just Can't Do It Anymore''

Find out what Tori Spelling's husband is saying about being done with the reality show

By Brett Malec Nov 05, 2014 11:16 PMTags
Dean McdermottE! Online

Sorry, True Tori fans. It sounds like Dean McDermott is done airing his dirty laundry on TV.

Tori Spelling's hubby is quitting the show after this season of True Tori airs, a Lifetime rep confirms to E! News.

Dean also confirmed he was done with True Tori when he sat down with E! News this week. When asked about the toll of airing his marriage problems on TV for fans to see, Dean admitted, "I've come to the conclusion that for me, yes, it's too much. I just can't do it anymore...I'm done."


Dean added that Tori isn't exactly on the same page when it comes to quitting the reality show. "She finds it really helpful. It's really expedited the conversations that needed to be had in the beginning. And just for me I just think bearing my soul and putting it all out there, I want some of my privacy back. I feel raw," he said.

As for how his and Tori's marriage is today after the dramatic fallout from his infidelity, he dished, "Today we are on really good terms. We're on really good terms. Right now T is, we're nursing her back to health. She was just in the hospital with bronchitis and pneumonia. Always a sense of humor. It's such an emotional show and emotionally draining and she is such a hands-on mom and she's got a crazy work schedule."

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Dean even teased that he and Tori may have a fifth child.

"We've kind of joked about it," he said. "Barring Tori's health...the shop's not closed, as crazy as that may sound. We love our kids, we make beautiful babies and we love a big family so not going to say no, not going to say yes."