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Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert have all reunited for a special interview looking back on their hit film, Mean Girls.

The group of actresses dished to Entertainment Weekly about what it was like on set, and whether they had any idea that the movie would take on such a life of its own.

McAdams recalled a time recently when she visited Europe and was caught off guard by a die-hard fan of her infamous character, Regina George.

"I was staying at a bed-and-breakfast recently in the-middle-of-nowhere Ireland. And one of the owners' granddaughters came up to me, and she gave me a piece of pink paper and she goes, 'Can you write down just a few of your favorite Mean Girls quotes?' It was so sweet," she explained.

Lacey Chabert, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Mean Girls

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"I couldn't think of any of them! It's been 10 years! So I said, 'Well, what are your favorites?' So she literally fed me all these lines, like 'Is butter a carb?'"

But the best part of the interview occurred when Fey revealed LiLo's "method" approach to playing the heroine in the flick, Cady Heron.

"I remember 17-year-old Lindsay was on a mission to find pink Uggs. That was, like, what she was working on. And there was one day where she tried to explain to Amy [Poehler] and me her beef with Hilary Duff, but we couldn't crack it. But we were pretending we could follow it," the former Saturday Night Live comedian shared.

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Lohan chimed in, "I had been online trying to get pink Uggs because I had a pink pleated skirt in the scene where I fall into the garbage can. I was like, 'I need pink Uggs!' I mean, I was rhinestoning my phone at the time with Swarovski crystals. So it was somewhat Method."

The redhead also admitted that one of the movie's biggest fans is none other than Mariah Carey.

"[We] have the same makeup artist. Whenever I see her, she does always say, 'On Wednesdays, I wear pink.' She loves that movie."

And so do we!

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