Lea DeLaria Talks Subway Preacher Confrontation: ''He Was Spewing Such Hatred''

Orange Is the New Black actress was on The View to address the situation

By Lily Harrison Nov 05, 2014 7:21 PMTags

One day after the subway confrontation heard (and seen) round the world, Lea DeLaria addressed the videotaped ordeal on The View.

The Orange Is the New Black star set the record straight about her run-in with the stranger on the subway, saying, "As a New Yorker, you sit on the subway [and] mariachi bands come on, dancers come on, you're just trying to get to work. And I was literally on my way to film Orange Is the New Black and trying to memorize my lines."

She continued, "This guy started preaching, and again, this happens all the time, but he was spewing such hatred and sexism and homophobia, and my ears went up when he started going on about how women should be subservient to men, how we should wear dresses and look feminine and I went, 'Where's that guy?'"

DeLaria added that the man's rant about women wasn't the only thing that triggered her to engage in a full-blown war of words with him.

"He started on [how] the problem with America is homos, and that's when I just stood right up."

Yesterday, a Gothamist video clip went viral showing the actress responding to the man carrying a Bible and preaching in the train.

"Sir, you're part of the reason America is in trouble," she was seen yelling. "Religious fanatics are the reason America is in trouble."

She further addressed the unidentified male, "Please stop. I'm not going to let you do it, sir. Eventually, you're going to get off this train and I'm going to ride peacefully all the way to Queens unless you're going to Queens with me. [In that case,] we're talking the whole hour."

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