41 People Whose Lives Are Over Now That Benedict Cumberbatch Is Engaged

Twitter exploded with the pain and agony over the fact that the Sherlock star is officially off the market

By Jenna Mullins Nov 05, 2014 5:40 PMTags
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That sound you heard when you woke up this morning was the sound of millions of fangirls and fanboys shrieking in pain and then suddenly falling eerily silent. Why?

Because Benedict Cumberbatch is betrothed to be married to Sophie Hunter, and he announced his engagement in the most Benedict Cumberbatch-y way possible. No Instagram featuring the ring. No press release. No official statement from his publicist. Nope, just a short announcement in The Times' classified section. It was all super-casual.

The reaction to the engagement, however, was not at all casual. People's lives are over now because Cumberbatch will soon put on a cummerbund and walk down the aisle. (You are welcome for that on-point wordplay!)

So if you feel like mourning the dream of Benny getting on bended knee and asking you to be his bride, you are not alone:

And then there are the people who had to accept the fact that Benedict will never marry his Sherlock costar Martin Freeman (we call those people our people), and now we all have to mourn the loss of our OTP:

But in all seriousness, a huge congrats to Benedict and Sophie! You broke millions of hearts today, but we're still so thrilled for you two.

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And hey, as long as Tom Hiddleston is still available, the Internet should be just fine.