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If you've ever taken a ride on the subway before, chances are you've encountered a passenger who just can't stop talking.

Whether gabbing about politics, the bible or another important cause, these loud travelers voice their opinions for all to hear.

While many of us go about our business and try desperately to tune them out, Orange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria decided to stand up to one preacher for his overbearing views on religion.

"Sir, you're part of the reason America is in trouble," she yelled to an unidentified male carrying a bible in a Gothamist video clip going viral. "Religious fanatics are the reason America is in trouble."

Proudly wearing a "Bad Jew" T-shirt and a "God Hates Bags" tote, DeLaria (aka Big Boo from the popular Netflix series) didn't end the confrontation there.

"Please stop. I'm not going to let you do it sir," she said while riding the M train in New York City. "Eventually, you're going to get off this train and I'm going to ride peacefully all the way to Queens unless you're going to Queens with me. [In that case,] we're talking the whole hour."

Many onlookers remained quiet during the conversation with one female passenger videotaping the whole thing. Some riders, however, joined the actress when she busted into song singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" in hopes of silencing the preacher.

Although we're not exactly sure how the subway ride ended, many fans of DeLaria shared their support on social media.

"@RealLeaDeLaria you spoke your mind today on that M train!" one fan commented on Twitter. "You are amazing. I felt like that man had no right to call us sinners!"

DeLaria responded, "My pleasure you're correct. He had no right."

And when one follower voiced his concern about the actress "stereotyping" people she doesn't know, DeLaria fired back.

"You must not know the definition of stereotype," she explained. "All I did was I call a fake preacher on his hate filled bible interpretation."

Ladies and gentlemen, Big Boo has spoken!  

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