Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Convinces Parents to Tell Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy—Watch Now!

Children's reactions range from compassionate acceptance to destructive furor in funny clip

By Rebecca Macatee Nov 04, 2014 2:08 PMTags

Jimmy Kimmel has a history of ruining kids Halloweens (at least temporarily)!

For the past three years, the late-night host has convinced parents to tell their children, "I ate all your Halloween candy," record their reactions and send 'em in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 2014 reactions ran the gamut—from, "It's OK, we'll get more next year," to a shrieking, "YOU RUINED MY LIFE!"

One little girl went into full temper tantrum mode—knocking chairs over and throwing the content's of the kitchen table to the ground. Another child methodically searched every drawer in the room, and when they all turned up empty, told his mother flatly, "Get out."

There were plenty of tears, of course, and screams of outrage, too. "Don't ever talk to me for the rest of my life," said one little boy through tears. When his mom said she was only kidding and that she didn't eat the candy, that wasn't enough. "Well, still, shut up," he snapped, "and go in the other room."

Another girl scolded her mother, pounding her fist as she exclaimed in a Southern accent, "You never, ever, ever listen about candy!"

In one (possibly rehearsed) clip, a young girl dropped several F-bombs when her dad claims to have eaten her candy. "F--k you, mother-f--ker," she squealed, trying to suppress a smile.

VIDEO: Parents tell kids they ate their Halloween candy (2013 edition!)


At this point, Jimmy Kimmel Live! directs viewers to Operation Gratitude, an organization sending care packaged to U.S. military. "If you did get too much candy, and you want to do something other than bring it to the office, you can donate it to the troops," the comic said. "You go to operationgratitude.com—they'll take your candy from your kids and send it to our men and women overseas. You have until Nov. 15 to send it."

"Thanks to all the parents who participated," he concluded, "and apologies to all the children who participated as well!"