Gotham, Ben McKenzie

Jessica Miglio/FOX

Happy Monday! We're so excited you guys – Gotham got good tonight, and it's about time! We felt like tonight finally gave us the show we wanted. Meanwhile, Sleepy Hollow continues to be our favorite show to recap for people who have never seen it, and we learned a big secret on The Originals. Join us for another installment of Rants and Raves!

RAVE: Gotham: Now we're getting somewhere! That was the best episode yet, with plot developments happening all over the place. Even while he was wanted by basically everyone for not having killed Cobblepot, Gordon's ballsy first move was to try to arrest the mayor and Falcone for the murder of the Waynes. He tried to send Barbara off to safety, but she was captured and used as a hostage anyway, forcing Gordon to have to back down.

RAVE: Gotham: Victor Zsasz is terrifying, and the fact that he had a relevant role as Don Maroni's assassin made him a less annoying villain of the week. He was perfectly creepy, and it's no wonder the police station full of cops did basically nothing when he showed up demanding they lead him to Gordon.

RAVE: Gotham: Still obsessed with Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin, and loved the reveal that he's been an informant for Falcone the whole time. Plot twist!

RANT: Gotham: Give Barbara more things to do, please! We're pretty sure she's capable of doing something other than being held hostage.

Sleepy Hollow, Tom Mison

Brownie Harris/FOX

RAVE: Sleepy Hollow: An immortal middle-aged man used a seed to get his 30 year old witch mother pregnant with an evil demon, and we were riveted the whole way through. We were sure for a second that Katrina had died in "childbirth," but luckily(?) she was saved after a pretty terrifying mystical birth/magic light/what even is this show scene. 

RAVE: Sleepy Hollow: It's amazing (and adorable) how Ichabod can switch between being a curmudgeonly (very) old man to a small child. His diatribe against modern voting rules was immediately quieted by an "I Voted" sticker. If only everyone could be calmed down with stickers…

RAVE: The Voice: How incredible was Jean Kelley's beautiful, emotional rendition of Sia's "Chandelier?" It almost made us forget about how that song plays literally and loudly three times a day in our neighborhood (this is neither a joke nor an exaggeration). Definitely the best performance of the night!   

RANT: The Originals: Elijah, how dare you betray your brother and your family and your name and our love of Nina Dobrev! That's probably along the lines of what Klaus will say when he discovers that Elijah was the one who killed his love and the original doppelganger, Tatia, in a blind vampire rage. It's also not going to help that Esther was the one who helped him cover it up, both physically and in his own mind. Find out what's coming next in our postmortem right here

Jane the Virgin, Brett Dier

Danny Feld/The CW

RAVE: Jane the Virgin: We're so confused about this crazy complicated love triangle, but we think we hope Jane stays with Michael, especially after his little speech to her about how he's all in, and wants whatever she wants in terms of the baby.

RANT: Jane the Virgin: However, we're so over love letters getting switched with other letters and going to the wrong people and all that typical love triangle jazz. We're actually sort of over love triangles, but that's clearly not a trend that's dying any time soon.

RAVE: Dancing with the Stars: Finally! Michael and Emma have been eliminated, and we can't help but think next week is probably the last for Tommy and Peta. We've got nothing against them as people, but as dancers…yikes. 

So what did you watch tonight? Feel free to rant and rave with us in the comments!

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