The Mindy Project returns tonight!

To celebrate, I hit the set, and chatted up Mindy Kaling herself, and all your favorite TMP cast members about what's ahead for TV's best comedy. (No, we won't ever stop saying it.)

Here are 7 things to expect:

More S.E.X.! "It feels like a 2:30 in the morning show, right?" Mindy muses about TMP's current, which has included an episode about, um, back-door sex, among other things (although the characters managed to never use the words for it, and kept it funny and classy!). "We really pushed the envelope this season." Kaling adds that although we will also focus a lot on her alter-ego's work life in upcoming episodes (and a big trip...see below), there's also plenty of sexy time for Danny and Mindy. And she's getting more comfortable with the racier scenes. "[Chris Messina] is so comfortable in his skin and I think it's because he's a dancer and just like, really good-looking," Mindy says with a laugh. "He's so comfortable in his skin and it kinds of rubs off. And I'm like every other woman, where I'm anxious how I look naked, and the rest of it, but when you're around someone like that, it just kind of goes to the wayside. I guess I'm like Chris now, because he has seen every inch of my body, and I his." Not a bad day a the office. Ammiright, ladies? 


Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Mindy Will Take a Big Trip. "No one knows about this yet," Mindy told me (see the interview in the video above!). "We just pitched it to the network that we're going to be going somewhere after Christmas, and there's a really great roster of people that she meets there. I like those episodes of like Lost where the character goes to a new place, or like The Walking Dead, where we meet like six new weirdoes. And you kind of fall in love with them."  Ooh! Will Mr. Eko be there?

So Where Is It? Well, rumor has it that California may be in the cards, but Mindy isn't revealing the locale just yet. "We're shooting most of it here, but hoping to travel to another location to shoot some key things because the place that Mindy's going to is very iconic in its own way." Hmmm!

Fargo's Allison Tolman Is Here! The Emmy-nominated fan favorite makes her debut tonight as Abby, a love interest for Peter, and the dynamic between the two is pretty great. "She's a historical romance novelist," Tolman explains. "She has a line of books about the civil war. She was set up on a blind date with Peter that does not go well. But well enough to warrant a second episode!" Adam Pally (you saw his sex tape video, right?) adds: "Our characters hit it off and they like to party. Allison is amazing and we come from a similar sketch comedy background, so it was fun. It was so easy."  Psst….Mindy, can we keep her?

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The Mindy Project, Beverly, Beth Grant


Easter Egg Alert! Beverly Has Been Single White Femaling Mindy! Perhaps some of you eagle-eyed fans had noticed, I certainly hadn't! But all season long, Beverly has been wearing Mindy's old clothes from the beginning of the show. "I've been wearing actual clothes that Mindy wore in season one or two," Beth Grant (Beverly) reveals." Every episode I have a sweater or a blouse of hers." But wait...WHY? "My theory is that Beverly stole them," Grant says with a laugh. "So far Mindy hasn't noticed!" The idea actually came from head wardrobe stylist Salvador Perez, and Mindy Kaling loved it. "It just adds to Beverly's mystery," Grant says.  

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Morgan and Tamra Are on a Break: Julia Stiles is coming in to play Morgan's new love interest (a recovering hoarder and friend of Danny's), but all hope is not lost! Ike Barinholtz (Morgan) teases, "Morgan and Tamra are on shaky ground. I think they are going to end up together but at this moment, they are in a bit of a shaky place.  And there will probably be a hiatus between the two of them in the future where Morgan can go and explore his senssssssuality." (Not a typo. Just exactly the way he said it. And yes I was covered in spit.)

Jeremy and Morgan Are Having a Baby: For a night. " We will soon find Jeremy having to babysit for Lauren's kid," Ed Weeks teases. "Lauren is out of town and of course Jeremy thinks it's going to be a cinch, kids love me. But then it turns out that the kid is hashtag team Peter and not hashtag team Jeremy. And so of course Jeremy is destroyed. So Jeremy enlists Morgan's help to get the kid to like him."   Jeremy also has some growing to do in  future episodes. "He's such a narcissist, I feel like it was good for him to have everyone turn on him when Lauren left Peter for him. Peter and Jeremy have mended the relationship somewhat but there's a ways to go."

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And then check out The Mindy Project tonight on Fox! 

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