Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Being a prince isn't exactly all play and no work.

In fact, in the memoir Chatsworth: The Housekeeper's Tale, author Christine Robinson reveals that Prince William completed work experience at the Derbyshire estate for two weeks after graduating from university in 2005.

Prince George's father was only 23 at the time when he was busy making sausage rolls and mince pies along with the rest of the staff just four months after receiving his degree.

The author dished to Hello! magazine about William's time there, saying that "he spend a week dressed in overalls, drinking tea and eating fish and chips with the rest of the housemen and joiners."

That's right…no butlers, no custom-tailed suits, no perks of royalty whatsoever!

"We were staging a ballet in the theatre but discovered the stage was too short and had to be extended. William was carrying planks of wood through the shop dressed in workmen's clothes."

And understandably so, people were a bit wary of the new guy after he stepped foot onto the property.

"The look on visitors' faces was priceless. Most obviously thought to themselves, 'That joiner is the double of Prince William,'" Robinson shared.

"When two old ladies came straight out and asked him, he admitted he really was the heir to the throne. He was, of course, charming." (But of course!)

That wasn't the first time that the Duke of Cambridge took part in work following his studies.

The 32-year-old has since interned at several financial institutions including the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of England and Lloyds of London.

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