The Mindy Project returns tomorrow night and EVERYONE MUST WATCH IT.

See what we did there? We lured you into this story with the promise of a sordid sex tape scandal and well…We have that, too! But first, we just wanted to make sure everyone watches Mindy on Fox when it returns tomorrow night because we stand by our long-standing assertion that it's the best comedy on TV.

Now, about that sex tape. This might be the most hilarious sex tape story we've ever heard. 

Adam Pally, one of our favorite TV funnymen from Mindy and Happy Endings, confessed that he shot a sex tape in college and it did not go well.  

"When I was in college," he tells me, "it was like all the rage to make a sex tape. So I was like begging my college girlfriend to make a sex tape with me. Finally she relented, I was like, sweet!"

So why did it end up looking like "the ending of Munich?" Where is the tape now? And why could we hardly breathe as he reenacted it?

Click on the video above for the info you clearly need to know!

Oh, and just in case you are a fellow Adam Pally fan and want to know what it's like to interview him, let the record show: He will reduce you to tears with the funny. Especially when it comes to revealing dirrrrty secrets from the show's set. 

Just watch the video right here, which has some of the best/worst "outtakes"….

Stay tuned for much more Mindy scoop from the whole cast!

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